I'm thinking about cupcakes for my wedding but I'm not sure they're what I want or if I'll even like them.

Of course you'll like them. Everyone loves them. However, in planning for your big day, we want things to be just the way you want them. Email me and we can set up a free, no pressure tasting. Here's how it works. You and your significant other choose up to 4 flavors that you are interested in trying. We set up a time that works best for you, and you come to my house and eat delicious cupcakes. Then I send you home with a free pack to keep tempting you while you decide if they are just the right thing for your big day.

How early do I have to order?

For orders of 100 or more, I need about 10 days notice. Smaller orders, just be sure you've ordered them 5 days ahead of time. Obviously I make your cupcakes fresh but I do need a little time to be sure I have everything that I need for your specific order.

How many do I have to order?

My minimum order is 1 dozen of a single flavor. So let's say you want some cookies 'n cream and strawberry shortcake. That means you need to order 2 dozen cupcakes. Don't want that many? Watch for my variety 6 packs that I sell for 5 bucks a piece. Can't beat that.

How do I get my cupcakes?

I bake the cupcakes at my house. That means if you want them, you come pick them up from me. I will deliver them for a fee which varies depending on location. I live in Kaysville so a delivery to Provo is going to cost more than a delivery to Layton. Again, watch for my 6 packs to go on sale because often times you can pick those up at various locations.

I'm using the cupcakes for an event. Do you have a cupcake tower I can use?

Yes I do. Currently I have a total of four 3-tier towers. They aren't super fancy, but they travel well and serve their purpose. I rent them out for 5 bucks each. And you have to bring them back to me.

Can I get mini cupcakes?

Well, ya, I guess. I will do mini cupcakes but only by special request. They are 2 for $1.00 and the minimum order is 2 dozen of 1 flavor. But really, who wants a mini cupcake? It just isn't enough.